Friday, February 22, 2008

Mediums and channels…all gibberish


Hey, there is something interesting I want to share with you. Yesterday someone phoned and said in a deep voice," I am calling from Sweden, I am Osho's channel. I talk to Osho regularly and I have some important information to pass to the Inner Circle. Can you tell me their names?"
I said suppressing my laugh, " Didn't Osho tell you their names? If the information is so important, he must have told you whom to impart it to."
He said, " This is no joke. I am serious. At least give me their email ids."
I said, " I am not joking either. Why don't you ask Osho about the email ids? He knows everything."
He grunted, "It means you are not interested."
I said, " Sorry, wrong number."

This triggered my curiosity and I dived into Osho books. And this is what I found. Have fun!

"These people who have become channels are not in any meditative state, one thing. The second thing is that whatever messages they are bringing are such crap that it is disrespectful towards the dead. Those poor fellows cannot say anything now, that "this is not my message."
I have looked into a few of the books which these channels have produced -- they are absolutely rubbish! They can be valued only by weighing them -- that much paper has been wasted. I have not come across a single mediumistic book which shows the greatness or the grandeur of a Gautam Buddha. And strangely enough, all these mediums are not mentioning the names of the real masters because then, compared to their statements, the rubbish message that they bring will look too poor.
If somebody says, "This is a message from Gautam Buddha," then it has to be of his quality. So they are talking about masters who have never happened, they are talking about masters who happened on the continent of Atlantis which has drowned. Fortunately there is no proof now, no document, no evidence left about whether there was such a master, ever.
But I can say that these statements are not coming from any master. The statements themselves are not luminous. There is nothing that gives them the authority of experience. It is all gibberish.
And you should also see that these people who have been chosen for this great work of becoming vehicles... their lives don't prove it. They are just as greedy, as angry, as jealous as anybody else. Their mediumship would have transformed them. In fact, unless they were transformed, they could not become mediums."

Sermons in Stones # 9/Copyright Osho International Foundation


anil said...

sadhana- what are these guys smoking in sweeden? channeling love your reposnse-

Brad said...

LOL! OK, not every Swede is pot-fueled spirit-whisperer... There are exceptions! :-)

anil said...

yes you are right... my apolgies for generailizing the term - thanks for the reminder