Sunday, April 28, 2013

Somdev on the tennis courts of OSHO International Meditation Resort

Somdev playing at OSHO International Meditation Resort

While on a Pune visit Somdev, the top tenis player came to the Osho Meditation Resort to participate in Osho meditations. Few people know that Somdev is an avid reader of Osho's . He has read Osho books such as The Book Of Man, The Book Of Woman, A Sudden Clash Of Thunder, Fear, to mention the few.
Somdev said, " I have been reading Osho and his books have given me lot of mental strength. I am very happy to be here. It is rare to find such a place where everybody is working on themselves. It brought me out of my comfort zones, like dancing. I never danced before but here I danced a lot. And it was great fun and relaxation. Osho Dynamic Meditation is another discovery. I did fast breathing and screamed in Dynamic Meditation which I could never imagine I would do publicly. Dynamic Meditation is tougher than playing tennis but I tell you, it feels very good afterwards.

Somdev chatting with Osho meditators
"Osho books have given me courage to overcome my fear which grips every sportsman before a match. I observe other sportsmen, they may have certain skill but that doesn't mean they are good in other areas of life. To ge a good human being an inner work is needed ¬¬ the kind of work people are doing at Osho's place. It was lovely to talk to many people from many countries. I felt free here because I was not judged, not criticized. I was allowed to be myself.

"When I play I feel I am limiting myself, cannot play the strokes I would like to. I thing coming here more often could change it. The anger, jealousy, competition of the opponents used to affect me before but now I am cool about it. And the tennis court! It is superb. The quiet all around, the greenery and the quality of the court is very beautiful. I will be coming again to work on myself."

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Relax your eyes, look from the heart

Looking unfocused
OSHO International Meditation Resort

The eyes are the most overworked part of human body today . The electronic media has turned everybody into perpetual spectators. This excessive use of eyes puts a lot of strain on these delicate instruments. We have forgotten how to look simply for the joy of looking. 
 Faulty vision always means that there is tension and stress in the eyes due to your wrong approach. If your eyes are tense then the whole body is tense.  
Osho has suggested some meditation techniques that will rejuvenate the eyes and it will reduce your dependence on the medicines.

Unfocused vision
Normally when you look at people, you focus on them directly. This involves only one part of the eye. But there is a bigger part of the eyes which is responsible for peripheral vision. In this technique as you look, you focus and you also are aware of the periphery. This has many advantages.

One: Focused vision means only left side of your brain is stimulated whereas with the peripheral vision the right hemisphere is stimulated. If you remember to use both, then both the hemispheres are stimulated. It is a holistic way of looking.

Two: If you are aware of your periphery you also become aware of yourself.

This can be a wonderful meditation. It helps in real life situations, too. For instance, you have an argument with somebody, stand facing each other and look with unfocused vision. With this peripheral vision it is difficult to judge somebody because the energy goes to the heart. You are not anymore in your mind, you are in your heart. And the beauty of this vision is that it  also includes yourself, it is not against yourself.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

OSHO Monsoon Festival 2013

OSHO International Meditation Resort

You are invited
to a fun filled festival of meditation and celebration at the OSHO International Meditation Resort, Pune, India in the month of August. People from around the world gather here to celebrate the refreshing rains of monsoon and enjoy OSHO meditations in this romantic season. It's a romance with nature.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sex matures at fourteen

 OSHO International Foundation

After the ghastly Delhi (India) gang rape incident a big debate is going on about lowering the age of juveniles. One of the accused men being all of sixteen, it has made everybody review their notions about sexual activity of kids. Are kids  now sexually maturing much earlier than before? Up to now eighteen was the age after which a juvenile was considered an adult. But was this the correct line of demarcation? The fact is that children sexually mature much earlier than what their adults would like to believe. The parents do not want to accept that their little babies have  grown up sexually. They are very embarrassed by the fact.
Osho's take on this is very important and has to be considered by the makers of law and the leaders of society. It's a wrong attitude of adults towards sexuality, a complete denial that has distorted the minds of younger generation.
And because sex is denied, meditation has become difficult for people.

Osho says: " My own understanding is that just as at the age of fourteen you become interested in sex, if you live your sexual life perfectly and totally, sincerely, religiously, by the age of forty-two you will be out of it.
"Life has seven year cycles. If you take as an average seventy years, it has ten cycles of seven years. The first seven years you are absolutely innocent -- you are just as a saint should be. Your second seven years are a preparation for sex; slowly, slowly, the snake of sex starts uncoiling within you. By the age of fourteen you are mature and you can reproduce children. From fourteen to twenty-one your sexual energy is at its highest peak, exactly between fourteen and twenty-one: that means seventeen and a half is the climax of sexual energy.

Kid meditating at OSHO International Meditation Resort
"But this society has lived with such repressive and unnatural, unscientific ideas that these are the years when you are told to be celibate. And these are the years when you could have lived sex, and celibacy would have come by itself by the time you are forty-two.
Between twenty-one and twenty-eight, sex is very normal, very natural. From twenty-eight to thirty-five, sex starts declining. From thirty-five to forty-two, sex reaches its ultimate decline. From forty-two to forty-nine, sex disappears. That's why in ancient India the wise people decided that by the time one is fifty-one should start preparing for vanprashtha. His face should be now towards the mountains, towards the forest -- that is the meaning of vanprashtha. He is still in the world, but now his whole consciousness has turned and he is getting ready to move into the deep forest to be alone. The days of meditation have come."

The Great Pilgrimage:From Here to Here/

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Don't be touchy, get touched!

Kobido face massage at OSHO Multiversity

Once I was giving a session about the healing power of touch to a group of doctors. Initially I was apprehensive because I was daring to guide someone who knew so much about human body. I asked them to communicate with each other through their touch. First they felt awkward, then a little relaxed and later they started enjoying it. One of them was an elderly doctor who had been operated upon for cancer. She enjoyed being touched the most. She said she felt healed, accepted and even loved.

It is said that touching and non-sexual caressing have a great healing potential. It rejuvenates everybody and it is more effective with patients who are recuperating. A soft touch speaks more than a thousand words. In everyday interaction if you support your communication with a friendly touch on the back, on the arm , or a warm hug , your feeling will reach home better. But there is a taboo about touching. It is felt as an intrusion in other's private territory. Lots of fathers are reluctant to hug their sons for fear of how they will be perceived. But touch increases bonding with those around us. Touch can be therapeutic and it is highly recommended in disintegrating families of today.

"The most important thing is to have a frequent dose [of touch]," says Tiffany Field, Director of Touch Research Institute, Miami. "Like diet and exercise, if you don't have it daily, the effects will go away."

Osho says, "Touch is the first language we learn. The infant has yet to enter the complex world of words, so the first communication it receives through all senses is being cuddled by the mother. And that remains with all of us throughout our lives -- an undercurrent of nonverbal transmission of love and support. "
Kids who are deprived of loving touch in their infancy have emotional problems when they grow old. It is a less known fact that women love to be touched; and relationships will be much more satisfying if men take some time to caress and stroke their partners without sex on their minds. Stroking stimulates the brain which secrets a chemical called oxytocin, which also slows down the heart rate.
The lost paradise
In stroking women produce 20 per cent more oxytocin than normal. It is a calming hormone. Love is not expressed in words, love is transmitted through every pore of the body. A sincere and soulful touch can release so much tension. But people feel awkward touching somebody deeply ; and even the other person is on guard because touch has become synonymous with sex. Free the touch from lust and repressed sexuality. Touch and get touched, you will regain the lost paradise of love.