Friday, April 30, 2010

Osho Praises Laziness

Lazy people of the world, rejoice! Now you are not in the black list. Osho is all praise of lazy people for they have not harmed the world. They can't as much as raise their finger to hurt anybody because that  is too much of a work!
 Enjoy this delightful Osho excerpt in praise of lazy people.
Osho says in his book The Osho Upanishad,

"Lazy people have never done any harm to anybody -- they cannot. They will not go through that much trouble. It is the active people who are the real problems.
"So don't be worried about your laziness. It is totally acceptable as far as I am concerned. I want the world to become less active, more enjoying laziness: relaxing on the beaches, taking sunbaths, playing on their guitars... doing everything that is allowable to a lazy person, and not doing anything that only active people have been doing up to now. The active people have created Nadirshah and Genghis Khan and Tamerlane, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin and Mussolini and Ronald Reagan. The world needs to get rid of these active people. And nobody writes about the lazy people, there is no history about them. There must have been lazy people in the world, but nobody writes any history about them. And they are the very salt of the earth."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Harmonious Couples and Enlightened Children

I watched a beautiful Osho video in which he describes the new humanity and shares his insight on how the children can be born out of harmonious and loving couples. Couldn't help sharing with you all.

Osho says:
"The old idea of enlightenment was partial. It was partial in the sense that all the religions of the world have emphasized the fact that the man has to renounce the woman, to renounce the world, renounce all the pleasures of the world. He has to become an ascetic -- in reality he has to become a self-torturer, because to cut man from woman is the beginning of torture.
"Man and woman are part of one whole; they are not opposites, they are complementaries.
"My emphasis is: no more renunciation, no more self-torture, no need to create a painful, miserable life for yourself. The woman is not against the man.
"The new humanity has to create the right atmosphere where men and women are friends, fellow travelers, making each other whole. The journey becomes a joy, the journey becomes a song, the journey becomes a dance.
"And if men and women in total harmony can give birth to children, those children will be the `superman' we have been dreaming about for thousands of years. But the superman can be created only out of the harmonious whole of man's and woman's energy. Then he will be born enlightened.
"In the past, people had to seek enlightenment. But if a child is born out of a couple who are in total harmony, in absolute love, he will be born enlightened. It cannot be otherwise. Enlightenment will be his beginning; he will go beyond enlightenment from the very first step. He will seek new spaces, new skies. "

The Osho Upanishad # 41

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Know Your Sexuality

There are so many sex abuse scandals by so called religious men, and sexual adventures by ' celebate' sadhus and swamis that one wonders why they opt for religious dsciplines if they have not fulfilled their sexual desires first. So much hypocrisy! The disciples feel let down and betrayed when  their guru's one scandal after another is exposed.

One remembers the enlightened Osho insight on  understanding sex and transforming it. So simple, so profound. Every word of it is a diamond.
Osho says in his book I Say Unto You,

" Freedom from sex is not repression of sex, it is the understanding of sex. And through understanding one goes beyond it. But that does not mean that you will be angry and against and antagonistic. You will be blissful, you will have a blessing for everybody. And you will bless with the hope that some day they will also go beyond it.

" Real religion has to be rooted in the earth. Yes, real religion also has to rise towards the sun. It is like a lotus flower -- rooted in the mud and rising towards the sun. The lotus has to be freed from the mud, but the mud has not to be condemned at all, because the mud is the nourishment. Your sex energy is the nourishment for your samadhi. It is out of the mud of sex that the lotus of samadhi is going to bloom. Never repress it! Never be against it; rather, go deep into it with great clarity, with great love. Go like an explorer. Search all the nooks and corners of your sexuality, and you will be surprised and enriched and benefitted.

"Knowing your sexuality, one day you will stumble upon your spirituality. Then you become free. Your energy has risen high. Now sex is just like a toy. But you are not angry with other people who are still playing with the toy. You will understand them too, you will have compassion for them. You would like to help them go beyond, but you will not condemn them and you will not want to throw them to hell to be punished. They are not doing anything wrong.

"Sex is not a sin. Nobody is ever punished for sex. Nobody ever goes to hell for sex; otherwise God would be responsible, not you. He has given it to you, you are born with it; you have not created it. It is nothing like your invention, it is not like an atom bomb, it is not like a bayonet, it is not like a sword, it is not like money, it is not like politics -- these are inventions of man, of the ugly human mind. These people will go to hell, certainly.

"But sex is a God-given gift, and it is a great seed. Once it starts sprouting and finds the right soil, it will become a big tree. Millions of flowers will come to it.

"It is not only a child that is born out of sex, it is out of sex that you will be reborn too! Sex is the generating force, sex is the very source of creativity. It is out of sex that new life is born. You will give birth to a child -- this is new life. Just watch it. Sex must be immensely valuable -- God has chosen it to be the passage for life.

"What is more valuable than life? What can be more valuable than life? God has chosen sex as the vehicle for life. Life comes through sex, in sex, out of sex. And those who know, those who have gone beyond say that another life, spiritual life, also comes through it. Not only your child is born through it, you will be reborn through it: you will become twice-born through it, you will resurrect out of it. It is life-giving energy.

"Sex has to be respected. Sex is sacred. Sex is the very temple of God.

"So I cannot say the man who is free from sex has no interest, because sex is life. And sex is potential spirituality. How can he be disinterested in it? Yes, he has no personal interest in it. he has gone beyond it; but he is immensely interested. In fact for a man who is free from sex his interest becomes very very great. Now, he is interested in everything.

"When you are obsessed with sex you are not interested in anything. You are not interested in poetry, you are not interested in music, you are not interested in beauty, you are only interested in sex. And if sometimes you show interest in music, poetry, beauty, art, you show interest only because some sexuality is there. You become interested in poetry if it is sexual. You become interested in a picture, in a painting if it is nude, pornographic. You become interested in the music if it excites you sexually; otherwise you are not interested.

"This is not interest in music -and painting, this is interest in sex. That's why ninety-nine percent of poetry, music, painting and sculpture is sex-based, because ninety-nine per cent of people don't want anything other than sex. Your films, your novels, your books -- even your so-called religious books -- are all full of sexuality. Sometimes it is in the name of condemnation, but they go on talking about the physical, the sexual. Sometimes they are obscene.

:The man who is free of sex, his interest is also free of sex. His interest spreads to the whole of life."

Excerpted from I Say Unto You, Vol 2/ Courtesy Osho International Foundation/

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Be Whole Is To Be Healthy

Osho's message on the World Health Day.

This year's theme for the World Health Day is ' Urbanization and public health.'
Urbanization is associated with many health challenges related to water, environment, violence and injury, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and their risk factors like tobacco use, unhealthy diets, physical inactivity, harmful use of alcohol as well as the risks associated with disease outbreaks. The WHO is pledged to work in these areas in the year 2010.

It is very significant that the definition of health has expanded much beyond the physical state of not being ill. Now it includes the psychological components as well.

For Osho, health has a very wide scope -- much more than mere physical or mental. I am happy to share the Osho insight on this day.

"Whenever your heart falls out of line with the whole you are in trouble, you are ill; whenever the heart is in rhythm with the whole you are healthy.
Let this be the definition of health.
Whenever there is no conflict between you and the whole, not even a rumor of conflict, you are healthy. To be whole is to be healthy. To be whole is to be holy. And what is the way to be holy, healthy, whole? Your heart should beat in the same rhythm as the heart of the whole. You should not fall out of line, out of step. It is a great cosmic dance. It is a great harmony. When you sit still, silent, not doing anything, meditative, prayerful, suddenly you start merging into the whole. You come closer and closer and closer and your steps are no longer heard as separate from the whole. You become part of this great symphony. Suddenly you are healthy, holy, whole.

How to come to this tuning with the whole? Why are you missing it?

You are constantly in discord, you have many contradictions within you. Those contradictions go on like a tug of war within continuously, day and night, awake and asleep. You are constantly pulled into opposite directions. This tense state of affairs does not allow you to listen.

Even when you are in love you go on fighting. Even in love, you don't fall into step with the whole. Even lovers go on fighting with each other; otherwise love can become a door to the ancient music. If you love somebody at least drop all conflict with him, or with her, with your child, with your wife, with your brother, friend -- drop!
But even there conflict continues; a subtle way of fight continues. Because you are constantly in conflict within yourself, whatsoever you do is going to be an extension of the same conflict, a reflection of the same disharmony. "

Ancient Music In The Pines # 9

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Religion Is Founded On A Dirty Joke

Up until now we all knew only one Murphy, the legendry Murphy who floated famous laws like : "If anything has to go wrong, it will." The wisdom of ages is packed in these funny and profound sayings.

But nobody knows who this person was. The fact is that these laws have been around for years, slowly they were collected and given a name : Murphy's law.
But now you have to forget about this wise, practical smart Murphy as another Mr Mrphy, sorry, Rev. Murphy or his ghost has loomed up on the horizon. Yes, I am referring to The Predator Priest who was sexually abusing deaf boys for 22 years. Victims tried for more than three decades to bring him to justice, but documents show that the church neither defrocked him nor referred him for prosecution.

Cardinal Levada said that although Father Murphy never faced judgment in a criminal or canonical court, the priest had not evaded it altogether.

“As a believer,” he wrote in his statement, “I have no doubt that Murphy will face the One who judges both the living and the dead.”

Ho! Ho! Anyone up there?
The clergymen did not dare to judge the criminal priest down here and now they are leaving it to the mythical almighty who will punish him for his crimes on earth.
When Osho ruthlessly hammers the organized religions and their hypocrisy, one doesn't understand the deeper significance of it, but when such incidents are exposed one feels, it serves them right.

Here is one Osho joke for Cardinal Levada. It will be handy when he will face the "One" on the judgment day.

" Finally, the Polack pope died and went to heaven with pomp and circumstance. At the pearly gates, Saint Peter stopped him and said, "Hey, you can't walk in just like that. Who are you?"

The pope answered, "Well, I am your very own representative on earth. I am the pope."

Saint Peter said, "Pope? My representative? I have never heard of you."

The pope, puzzled, said, "Ah, just tell God I am here. He will tell you to let me in."

Saint Peter yelled, "Hey, boss, a guy here says he is the pope. Do you know him?"

God answered, "Never heard of him." The pope said, "Strange, but ask Jesus. He knows me."

Saint Peter yelled, "Hey, sonny. There is a guy here says he is the pope. You know him?" Jesus answered, "No."
Saint Peter said, "Sorry, I can't let you in. Nobody around here knows you."

The pope said, "You can't turn me away like this. I am the pope himself. Ask the Holy Ghost. He knows me for sure."
Saint Peter yelled again, "Hey, spook! A guy here claims you know him. Says he is the pope."

And the Holy Ghost shouted, "The pope, sure I know him. He is the guy that spread those dirty rumors about me and Mary. Kick him out of here."

The whole religion is founded on a dirty joke."

The Hidden Splendor