Friday, April 2, 2010

The Religion Is Founded On A Dirty Joke

Up until now we all knew only one Murphy, the legendry Murphy who floated famous laws like : "If anything has to go wrong, it will." The wisdom of ages is packed in these funny and profound sayings.

But nobody knows who this person was. The fact is that these laws have been around for years, slowly they were collected and given a name : Murphy's law.
But now you have to forget about this wise, practical smart Murphy as another Mr Mrphy, sorry, Rev. Murphy or his ghost has loomed up on the horizon. Yes, I am referring to The Predator Priest who was sexually abusing deaf boys for 22 years. Victims tried for more than three decades to bring him to justice, but documents show that the church neither defrocked him nor referred him for prosecution.

Cardinal Levada said that although Father Murphy never faced judgment in a criminal or canonical court, the priest had not evaded it altogether.

“As a believer,” he wrote in his statement, “I have no doubt that Murphy will face the One who judges both the living and the dead.”

Ho! Ho! Anyone up there?
The clergymen did not dare to judge the criminal priest down here and now they are leaving it to the mythical almighty who will punish him for his crimes on earth.
When Osho ruthlessly hammers the organized religions and their hypocrisy, one doesn't understand the deeper significance of it, but when such incidents are exposed one feels, it serves them right.

Here is one Osho joke for Cardinal Levada. It will be handy when he will face the "One" on the judgment day.

" Finally, the Polack pope died and went to heaven with pomp and circumstance. At the pearly gates, Saint Peter stopped him and said, "Hey, you can't walk in just like that. Who are you?"

The pope answered, "Well, I am your very own representative on earth. I am the pope."

Saint Peter said, "Pope? My representative? I have never heard of you."

The pope, puzzled, said, "Ah, just tell God I am here. He will tell you to let me in."

Saint Peter yelled, "Hey, boss, a guy here says he is the pope. Do you know him?"

God answered, "Never heard of him." The pope said, "Strange, but ask Jesus. He knows me."

Saint Peter yelled, "Hey, sonny. There is a guy here says he is the pope. You know him?" Jesus answered, "No."
Saint Peter said, "Sorry, I can't let you in. Nobody around here knows you."

The pope said, "You can't turn me away like this. I am the pope himself. Ask the Holy Ghost. He knows me for sure."
Saint Peter yelled again, "Hey, spook! A guy here claims you know him. Says he is the pope."

And the Holy Ghost shouted, "The pope, sure I know him. He is the guy that spread those dirty rumors about me and Mary. Kick him out of here."

The whole religion is founded on a dirty joke."

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