Friday, April 30, 2010

Osho Praises Laziness

Lazy people of the world, rejoice! Now you are not in the black list. Osho is all praise of lazy people for they have not harmed the world. They can't as much as raise their finger to hurt anybody because that  is too much of a work!
 Enjoy this delightful Osho excerpt in praise of lazy people.
Osho says in his book The Osho Upanishad,

"Lazy people have never done any harm to anybody -- they cannot. They will not go through that much trouble. It is the active people who are the real problems.
"So don't be worried about your laziness. It is totally acceptable as far as I am concerned. I want the world to become less active, more enjoying laziness: relaxing on the beaches, taking sunbaths, playing on their guitars... doing everything that is allowable to a lazy person, and not doing anything that only active people have been doing up to now. The active people have created Nadirshah and Genghis Khan and Tamerlane, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin and Mussolini and Ronald Reagan. The world needs to get rid of these active people. And nobody writes about the lazy people, there is no history about them. There must have been lazy people in the world, but nobody writes any history about them. And they are the very salt of the earth."