Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Harmonious Couples and Enlightened Children

I watched a beautiful Osho video in which he describes the new humanity and shares his insight on how the children can be born out of harmonious and loving couples. Couldn't help sharing with you all.

Osho says:
"The old idea of enlightenment was partial. It was partial in the sense that all the religions of the world have emphasized the fact that the man has to renounce the woman, to renounce the world, renounce all the pleasures of the world. He has to become an ascetic -- in reality he has to become a self-torturer, because to cut man from woman is the beginning of torture.
"Man and woman are part of one whole; they are not opposites, they are complementaries.
"My emphasis is: no more renunciation, no more self-torture, no need to create a painful, miserable life for yourself. The woman is not against the man.
"The new humanity has to create the right atmosphere where men and women are friends, fellow travelers, making each other whole. The journey becomes a joy, the journey becomes a song, the journey becomes a dance.
"And if men and women in total harmony can give birth to children, those children will be the `superman' we have been dreaming about for thousands of years. But the superman can be created only out of the harmonious whole of man's and woman's energy. Then he will be born enlightened.
"In the past, people had to seek enlightenment. But if a child is born out of a couple who are in total harmony, in absolute love, he will be born enlightened. It cannot be otherwise. Enlightenment will be his beginning; he will go beyond enlightenment from the very first step. He will seek new spaces, new skies. "

The Osho Upanishad # 41

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