Monday, March 29, 2010

An Osho Solution To Avoid Sex Perversion.

When we come across the cases of sex abuse by  religious people like Christian priests or Hindu monks we desperately look for a solution. We don't want our next generation to be afflicted by the same disease, do we?  Every parent must be anxious that their kids should not inherit this religious poison.

Who can guide us?

Osho has a very simple solution : teach children meditation. Childhood is the foundation of life, make it stonger and healthy. This Osho insight will be go a long way to make it happen.

"The first step towards the transformation of sex is to begin meditation in small children -- to coach them to be calm and to keep their own counsel, to teach them to be silent and to enlighten them about the state of no-mind. Although children are already calm and peaceful by adult standards, if they were guided in the right direction and taught to practice reticence and serenity even for a little while each day, a new door would open before they were fourteen years of age."

" Then, when sex rears its head, when the energy wells up and is about to spill over, it would flow through the new door that has already been opened. They would already have realized the serenity, the bliss, the joy, the timelessness and egolessness of meditation long before the experience of sex. This familiarity would prevent their energy from moving into wrong channels; it would divert it onto the right path."

From Sex to Superconsciousness/