Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jesus In The Jar Of Marmite?

It's a BBC news guys : "Family see Jesus image in Marmite "
It may not be immediately obvious to everyone, but one family are convinced they can see the face of Jesus on the lid of a jar of Marmite. The family said they found the image comforting . Claire Allen, the housewife said she was the first to notice the image on the underside of the lid as she was putting the yeast spread on her son's toast.

Now one can understand the need for a saviour or a caretaker for people who are treated roughly by life. In this case Clair Allen admitted that they had a tough couple of months; her mum's been really ill and " it's comforting to think that if Jesus is there, he's watching over us."

That's the crux of the matter. People are desperate for a support, and they let their mind project anything that could give them solace. Since this was a Christian family they projected Jesus, a Hindu family would not have seen anything like this because Hindu gods are all decked up with ornaments and luxurious hairdo.

A Buddhist may project something else.

Osho warns people, particulalry spiritual seekers against falling into this trap as it only weakens the person. The real strength comes out of meditation.

While talking to a man wha had visions Osho said, " The mind starts playing tricks. Somebody will see lights, somebody will start hearing sounds, somebody will start experiencing something else, and the ego says 'This is something great -- it is only happening to you. It is rare. You are special, that's why it is happening to you' and you start cooperating.

My suggestion is: simply disconnect yourself from all this. Whenever anything like this arises just have a good laugh!

And don't pay much attention to it -- just neglect it! One has to become utterly empty. The only spiritual experience worth calling spiritual is the experience of nothingness, of emptiness... what sufis call 'fana', the disappearance of the ego. That is the only spiritual experience -- all else is just mind games. And the mind can create many things. The mind can start hallucinating; it can see visions, Christ and Buddha... The mind has the capacity to dream -- even with open eyes it can dream. When you see Jesus standing in front of you, how not to believe? And there is no Jesus standing before you -- it is your projection.

"That's why Zen masters say 'If you meet the Buddha on the way, kill him!' They are right... absolutely right. It looks sacrilegious, very disrespectful to say that if you meet Buddha on the way, kill him... but it is very true. You will meet the Buddha on the way or Jesus or Mohammed -- that is not the point. You will come across anything that you had been conditioned for in your childhood.

My work is hard because I cannot support any illusions of your mind, I cannot support any hallucinations. I have to cut all kinds of hallucinations."

Excerpted from The Tounge-Tip Taste of Tao

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