Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Relax your eyes, look from the heart

Looking unfocused
OSHO International Meditation Resort

The eyes are the most overworked part of human body today . The electronic media has turned everybody into perpetual spectators. This excessive use of eyes puts a lot of strain on these delicate instruments. We have forgotten how to look simply for the joy of looking. 
 Faulty vision always means that there is tension and stress in the eyes due to your wrong approach. If your eyes are tense then the whole body is tense.  
Osho has suggested some meditation techniques that will rejuvenate the eyes and it will reduce your dependence on the medicines.

Unfocused vision
Normally when you look at people, you focus on them directly. This involves only one part of the eye. But there is a bigger part of the eyes which is responsible for peripheral vision. In this technique as you look, you focus and you also are aware of the periphery. This has many advantages.

One: Focused vision means only left side of your brain is stimulated whereas with the peripheral vision the right hemisphere is stimulated. If you remember to use both, then both the hemispheres are stimulated. It is a holistic way of looking.

Two: If you are aware of your periphery you also become aware of yourself.

This can be a wonderful meditation. It helps in real life situations, too. For instance, you have an argument with somebody, stand facing each other and look with unfocused vision. With this peripheral vision it is difficult to judge somebody because the energy goes to the heart. You are not anymore in your mind, you are in your heart. And the beauty of this vision is that it  also includes yourself, it is not against yourself.

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