Sunday, March 9, 2008

Freedom Of Women Will Be The Freedom Of Men

Women dancing freely at the Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune


I didn't post this blog on women's day on purpose. I don't like this hullabaloo about woman's upliftment or liberation. As if woman is some retarded creature and she has to be uplifted and brought to the level of man. The fact is, it's the man who needs to be liberated from his inhibitions. If he changes his attitude towards the woman -- inner and outer, the womanhood will get all the space to grow and evolve. Because a woman has to live in the man's world.
Remember the golden words of Osho: "The freedom of women is going to be the freedom of men too. The day the woman is accepted as equal, man will find himself suddenly free."
Osho tells all the men of the world: " You will have to go through a very deep inner spring cleaning and see that the woman is the victim. And because she is the victim and has no positive way to resist, to fight, she finds indirect ways: of nagging, of screaming, of throwing tantrums. These are simply hopeless efforts. And naturally her rage against the whole of humanity becomes focused on one man, the husband.
The freedom of women is going to be the freedom of men too. The day the woman is accepted as equal, given equal opportunity to grow, man will find himself suddenly free from the bitchiness that he used to feel from the women. And he will be surprised that neither is she a cat nor is he a dog -- both are human beings.
It is time.
Man has come to a certain maturity. We can create a world together, with men and women sharing their insight, their visions, their dreams. Because they are different, their dreams are different, their contributions to the society will be different. And if a society can be created in which men and women have participated equally, that will be for the first time the richest society in the world -- and without all this bitchiness and nagging and fighting.

Excerpted from Sermons in Stones

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