Sunday, May 3, 2009

Osho: don't kill mosuitoes, improve immune system

At the moment the whole world is terrified by the Swine Flu. Whenever a new pandemic erupts, everyone tries to find medicines to suppress it. This is a destructive method. The Osho approach is to find out why new diseases come up in the first place. Instead of panicking, isn't it intelligent to nurture a more constructive attitude?

While speaking about the wisdom of the Chinese mystic Lao Tzu, Osho comments:
"The Aristotalean Science says, exterminate the mosquito if you want to be rid of malaria. This is the language of destruction. But it is very likely that there is something that is conducive to life that comes with the mosquitoes. If the mosquitos are destroyed, this will stop coming. Mosquitoes can be useful to life in other respects also but this we can only know after their complete annihilation. Then perhaps we shall have to try and replace them again!

If Lao Tzu was faced with the problem of eradicating Malaria, he would never think in terms of destroying the mosquitoes. He would have suggested two methods. He would have suggested a change of attitude towards the mosquitoes or a change in man's physical system to make him immune to Malaria. There is no need whatsoever of destroying the mosquito. It is also possible to change the composition of the mosquitoes' body system by which it would not be an enemy of man but rather a friend. Either or both of these methods can be implemented.
If we had followed the Lao Tzu method, we would have worked out an accord between the two."

The Way of Tao, Vol 1/Courtesy Osho International Foundation

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