Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Osho Inspires INDIA Dance Wales Troupe


Can a book be danced? Why not? This is the age of multimedia which means one medium can be converted into many other media. Music can be painted, and words can be danced.
This multidimensional creativity has inspired Kiran Ratna, the founder of INDIA Dance Wales to choreograph a multi art production "Life" combining engaging dance, live music and spellbinding narration.

The County Times writes, "This production, "Life," is inspired by the controversial writings of Osho, an Indian mystic and spiritual teacher who spoke and wrote much on the subject of human behaviour and modern day life, will take the audience through all the stages of life a human being encounters.
"From the womb, through relationships, family, career, religion, old age and finally back to the meditative state, these themes will be explored through dance, live music and narration."
I became curious and wrote to this company 's email address. And lo! Kiran Ratna herself replied saying, this dance was inspired by Osho's book on Maturity.

By the way what is the book on maturity?

Here is a glimpse :

About Maturity: The Responsibility of Being Oneself

In a culture infatuated with youth, and determined to avoid old age at all costs, this book dares to raise a question that has been all but forgotten in the age of Viagra and cosmetic surgery. What benefits might lie in accepting the aging process as natural, rather than trying to hold on to youth and its pleasures all the way to the grave? Osho takes us back to the roots of what it means to grow up rather than just to grow old. Both in our relationships with others, and in the fulfillment of our own individual destinies, he reminds us of the pleasures that only true maturity can bring He outlines the ten major growth cycles in human life, from the self-centered universe of the pre-schooler to the flowering of wisdom and compassion in old age. A unique sense of humor runs like a thread through the book, along with a profound compassion and understanding of how easy it is to be distracted from the deeper meaning and purpose of our lives - which is, ultimately, to flower into our own individual uniqueness and maturity with an attitude of celebration and joy.
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