Sunday, July 4, 2010

OSHO Monsoon Festival: August 11-15 , 2010

Announcing the OSHO Monsoon Festival and a Grand Opening of the NEW Basho "Club Meditation" facilities.
Nothing ever stopped Osho, and the same energy still rolls on at the OSHO International Meditation Resort.

A timely arrival of the magical monsoon in Pune has bathed the green around the newly renovated Basho area, which now houses a state-of-the-art sauna, jacuzzi and gym area. Amidst a starkly beautiful garden setting, this new facility is your instant doorway to Zorba bliss.

To celebrate the new and the changes, A Monsoon Festival is being organized for August 11―15th, 2010. This is a great opportunity for visitors around the world to gather in Pune and participate in the intense energy-field created by the presence of so many meditators.
Some of the star attractions:

* A bouquet of revolutionary Osho meditation techniques and self-development programs of the OSHO Multiversity during the daytime.

* Many exciting night events filled with music, dance, painting, Karaoke and Variety Show.

*An International food festival to tingle your taste buds.

* Some specially designed Multiversity courses and unique meditations for daily life in Chuang Tzu hall.

 * A morning music concert is surely a "don't miss."

  * Osho Art Exhibition silent walk through.

   *  Fashion Show during lunch.

Allow yourself the luxury of being yourself.