Monday, February 7, 2011

One Less, One More

Robbie Vorhaus is a favorite blogger of a popular American newspaper The Huffington Post. While working with his clients he found that everyone is stressed in todays world. He has floated a new idea to de-stress his clients which can become a lifestyle. It is : One less, one more. It means, one less worry, one more happiness. Osho often jokes about it. "What is your worry?" he asks, " Your worry is, what has happened should not happen, and what is not happening should happen."
This is exactly what everyone is doing. They don't count their blessings, they just go on complaining about things they could not get. If you implement the proposal of 'one less, one more' it will add to your happiness and subtract unhappiness. For example, when you wake up in the morning and start preparing for the day, decide to have one less complaint, and try to have one more gratitude. If the road is jammed with vehicles, don't start swearing or complaining, be grateful that inspite of this jam you reach safely to your office. There may be lots of problems at work or at home, but decide to have one less frown on your forehead, have one more smile on your lips.
An Osho tip could help you change your gestalt: do not call problem a 'problem,' call it a situation. Every problem is a situation, isn't it? If you agree with thi, immediately your attitude will change. Your mind will not be closed to it, on the contray it will be open to look at it and resolve it.
And it is not that you have to do it all at once, things change bit by bit. Add more drops of the positive and less drops of the negative, and soon your cup will overflow with joy, and peace.
Osho suggests very simple steps to achieve this : "Nothing is to be done, just a simple feeling -- allow nature. In the beginning it will be difficult because you have always been jumping in the way, always interfering. For just three weeks allow nature. When you feel hungry, eat; when you feel sleepy, go to sleep. When you don't feel hungry, don't eat. Allow your inner being, give it a chance. Just allow nature."
Excerpted from A Bird On The Wing

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