Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When a religion is born in you

                         OSHO Dynamic Meditation                               

Amrit Sadhana

One of the radical contentions of Osho is that man cannot be born in a religion, the religion has to be born in the man. Certainly he is not talking about the established religions because every one is born in some religion or the other. Religions that are reduced to cults have harmed the humanity so much, it's time to drop them and graduate into a more refined quality of consciousness which is religiousness. This religiousness doesn't have a label, it is individual, intensely intimate; in fact it is like a love affair. Your own religion is born in you when your inner being goes through the agony, the fire of finding its own unique individuality. People who are born in a particular belief system follow it unconsciously, it is a childhood conditioning, but when somebody carves his own path going against the prejudices imposed on him, battling with his own darkness, the wisdom born through this search illumines his body, his intelligence.

Up untill now I understood the Osho insight only intelectually but its implication dawned on me when I came across an Australian priest called Rami. This guy was born of a Jewish mother and a Christian father in South Africa. He got attracted to Hinduism in his teens and the attraction was strong enough to motivate him to come to India and learn from the noted Hindu priests. He was ordained as Acharya Ramanujachari.And now he is the most popular Hindu priest in Australia!

Those who choose their own religion bring freshness and originality in their approach. They interpret the age-old concepts in a unique, scientific way adding their own flavour to them. Their authenticity is so powerful that those who have discarded their own religon as stale and dead, wake up to the wisdom of the enlightened ones.

If we want to stop the religious atrocities we have to pay attention to the Osho insight : "Religion is not in the tradition, not in the rituals, not Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan. Religion has no adjective to it. Religion is simply religion, as love is love. Do you call love Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan? If love is neither Christian nor Hindu nor Mohammedan, then why should god be Christian, Hindu and Mohammedan? Nobody can be born into a religion, religion has to be born into you. You have to open your soul and receive religion. It is showering all around... but you are carrying toys, substitutes, false coins in your hands, and thinking you are having religion. In the church it is not, in the mosque it is not, in the temple it is not." (The Divine Melody, #1)

Then where is it? It is in the heart of the seeker.Meditation is the key to find it. The most powerful OSHO Dynamic Meditation blasts the conditioning and is the first step to finding your own path.

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