Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let the woman be human too

Amrit Sadhana

A woman is the way man has made her. And the way man has made her has turned out be very miserable. Man has double standards : worshipping the goddess who is an imaginery woman, and treating the real woman as a sex object. What could be the reason?

Osho has made some insightful observations on man's psyche. He says that the basic truth is that man is jealous of women. Don't be shocked, because we are made to believe just the opposite. That women are weaklings, the fairer sex, beauties without brains, so that they should be controlled by men. But it is just a belief popularised by men..

The reason of male jealousy is very interesting: the capacity of the woman to give birth to a new life. Imagine the cave man who knew nothing about the laws of nature. When he saw a tiny human form coming out of his mate's body he was in awe. It was magic and this frail female was the one who could perform it, while the strong muscular male could not. This was the beginning of oppressing women. Men felt inferior in front of their better halves. And it is a psychological fact that one who feels inferior tries to show his superiority.

The jealousy doesn'r stop at reproductive capacity, it expands in other areas, too. Man, down the ages has been destroying the woman's genius, talents, skills, so that he can prove himself superior - to himself and to the world. He could do so because he had muscular power. Physically he was stronger than the woman and the life was hard, it required physically strength to do the chores. The term "man power" has originated from this situation. There is no term like "woman power." Because women were not considered powerful at all.

Another aspect where man feels inferior is regarding his sexual structure. His sex totally depends on the erection; if no erection, no fulfilment. This is such a helpless condition that he feels he is a toy in the hands of nature. He may want to make love mentally but if the body doesn't cooperate he cannot do it. His sex only remains cerebral.

So the inferiority complex combined with genital structure makes the man violent, more violent than the animal. If we really want women to be protected, man has to be taught some cathartic meditations which will clean his unconscious, will teach him how to love. This will make him more relaxed about his sexuality. And the result will be instantaneous. It will make women fearless because now they will be interacting with a human being, not with a beast.

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