Friday, June 14, 2013

Love means...

Respect the other

Who knows what love is but one thing is certain, everybody is thirsty for it and yet very few find it. Why? What obstructs the flow of love? Why can't the contemporary people love and be loved ? 

Osho is a master of intricate human feelings. You will be reading many of his tips on love over a period. Maybe that will teach you the art of loving!
Here is one for the starters:
"Love means that you have to learn to respect the other as an end unto himself, the other is not a means. That is the only immoral act in the world. In fact the whole of immorality can be defined through this simple things if you are using the other as a means you are immoral; if you are full of respect for the other person as an end, then you are moral.
"As sooner or later the other person wants his space and fear arises in you.
"You would like to make the other a prisoner -- of course, with beautiful chains, golden chains, studded with diamonds. But you would like the other to be imprisoned so that you can be certain of the tomorrow. Otherwise who knows? -- your lover may leave you.
"One never knows what is going to happen the next moment so one wants to be certain about the next moment, one wants a certain guarantee -- and that very guarantee kills love.
" Never avoid love and its problems. Face them, accept the challenge and the trouble, but at the same time remain calm and quiet."

From the book :I am not as thunk as you drink
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