Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Express satisfaction

Tantra says:  Whenever satisfaction is found in whatever act, actualize it.

 Satisfaction is the juice your heart extracts from each moment, each sensation, provided you know the art of squeezing it. Just look, there are so many tiny moments of gratification every day: you feel thirsty and you drink a cool glass of water, can anything match the satisfaction that is felt after the thirst is quenched? But you don't pay attention to it because you are not present in the act of drinking water. You do it mechanically, unconsciously.

Tantra says, this small act can be turned into meditation. How? Forget the thirst, forget the water, remain with the deep satisfaction you feel after drinking it. Be filled with it, like the sky is filled with warm sunshine in the morning. Let your inner sky be filled with the warmth of this feeling.

Pick up myriads of moments you come across during the day. Have you noticed the "Ah!" that slips out of your heart when you have your first hot tea or coffee after waking up? Sipping the beverage, feel the vibrations of contentment spread all over your body. It is a state of meditation.

Do you steel feel that life is misery? Look closely, misery is your interpretation, it is not real. It is a projection of the mind clouded by negative emotions. The mind basically is negative, it pounces on a negative thought and archives it in the warehouse of the unconscious.

The Osho approach is completely attuned to Tantra. He says: "This technique gives you a positive approach, a total reversal to the ordinary mind and its process. Wherever satisfaction is found, feel it, become one with it. Don't take it as a passing phase. The satisfaction can become a glimpse of a greater positive experience. Everything is just a window. If you are identified with pain, you are looking from a window; and the window of pain, of suffering opens only towards hell. If you are one with a satisfactory moment, a blissful moment, you are opening another window. The existence is the same but your windows are different."

Satisfaction is like having a bouquet of fragrant flowers in the room. Its perfume permeates all around and within.

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