Thursday, October 10, 2013

Osho International Foundation felicitated for 'enlightening lives' across the globe

                              The trophy awarded to Osho International Foundation

In an event called " Public Service Week" organized by the Lions Club International Mumbai a gorgeous trophy was awarded to OSHO International Foundation recognizing their contribution to awakening many souls by sharing Osho meditations and his words internationally.
Amrit Sadhana, one of the trustees of Osho International Foundation received the award on behalf of the foundation.

In a letter to the trustees of Osho International Foundation, the district governer Lion Dinesh Shah wrote," We are very happy to know that your foundation is  spreading and imparting education in Yoga, meditation and various other forms to participants without any restrictions of cast, creed or special status for the full development of mind, body and soul and make them conscious human beings. The foundation is also imparting formal training in the field of art, science and humanities to make complete self development of human beings as  ideal citizens of the world."

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