Sunday, September 7, 2008

Darkness is like a womb

Everybody is afraid of darkness. And just to avoid it we have conceived god as light. But darkness remains settled in the depth of our unconscious as a great fear. Humans are afraid of darkness because of their primitive days when there was no light on earth, and they were surrounded by wild animals.
The best way to get rid of the fear of darkness is, meditate on it!
There is a wonderful meditation in Tantra which says,” in rain during a black night, enter that blackness as the form of forms.”
Darkness is eternal. Light comes and goes, darkness is the basic state of existence. This is not the negative darkness which is absence of light, this is a positive darkness which is the source of all forms.
A pitch dark room or a place is required for this meditation which may be difficult to find in the city, as darkness is always covered by artificial lights. It will be good to do this meditation in a remote place where there is no electricity.
What is important is having a loving attitude towards darkness, not fear. If you carry fear, you will not allow darkness to penetrate your being.
Osho describes the method like this: "Sit in a dark place with open eyes and stare into the blackness. The real blackness is possible in a rainy night because the sky is covered with clouds and there is no star to disturb the blackness. Have a communion, a deep friendship with darkness.
Don't close your eyes, because with closed eyes you have a different darkness. That is your own, mental. It is a negative part; it is not positive darkness. With open eyes you will have a positive darkness that is always there. Stare into it. You will be utterly relaxed. You may feel that the waves of darkness are entering you from all sides. Accept them without fear.
Many fears will come up. Feel them. Be aware of them. Bring them to your conscious. They will come by themselves, and they will disappear by themselves.
Then a very beautiful phenomenon happens. You feel , darkness is the womb, the cosmic womb. You can rest, and dissolve yourself into it. "
Excerpted from The Book of Secrets


DR.S.P.SINGH. said...

Hi Ma Amrit Sadhana Namaskar with my folded hands & my head in your feet, i respect you, i love you, just today i have seen your blog, OSHO has given us many Meditation techniques this technique, HOW TO MEDITATE ON DARKNESS? is very good.
Ma If you find some time Pl.see my blog( It is also A Osho blog)
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Monica Sarkar said...

This is a beautiful excerpt. I attended the Darkness Meditation class at the Osho resort in Pune and it was absolutely amazing. Osho also said (using different words), that in light, we have a form and others can see us and judge us. But in the darkness, we are formless and we are nothing, we can't be seen and therefore we can't be judged, bringing us closer to our true beings.