Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Terrorism is not in weapons, it is in your hands

The world is shaken by the growing menace of terrorism and no one seems to have any solution. Here is the Osho insight -- the analysis and the remedy : 'clean the basement of human mind, the unconscious which harbors violence and ugly emotions. '

OSHO Dynamic Meditation is the most effective tool that can be useful.

Osho says, " The event of terrorism is certainly related with what is happening in the society. The society is falling apart. Its old order, discipline, morality, religion, everything has been found to be wrongly based. It has lost its power over people's conscience.
Terrorism simply symbolizes that to destroy human beings does not matter, that there is nothing in human beings which is indestructible, that it is all matter. Once man is taken to be only a combination of matter, and no place is given for a spiritual being inside him, then to kill becomes just play.
Terrorism has many undercurrents. One is that because of nuclear weapons, the nations are pouring their energy into that field, thinking that the old weapons are out of date. They are out of date, but individuals can start using them. And you cannot use nuclear weapons against individuals -- that would be simply stupid. One individual terrorist throws a bomb.
What I want to emphasize is that the nuclear weapon has given individual people a certain freedom to use old weapons, a freedom which was not possible in the old days because the governments were also using the same weapons.
Now the governments are concentrated on destroying the old weapons, throwing them in the ocean, selling them to countries which are poor and cannot afford nuclear weapons. And all those terrorists are coming from these poor countries, with the same weapons that have been sold to their countries. And they have a strange protection: you cannot use nuclear weapons against them, you cannot throw atom bombs at them.

Terrorism is going to become bigger and bigger, because the third world war is almost impossible. Terrorism simply means that what was being done on a social scale now has to be done individually. It will grow. It can only be prevented if we change the very base of human understanding -- which is a Himalayan task; more so because these same people whom you want to change will fight you; they won't allow you to change them easily.
My understanding is that the way he has lived, man needs every ten to twelve years -- a war. He accumulates so much anger, so much rage, so much violence, that nothing short of a war will give him release. So, war after war, there is a gap of only ten to fifteen years. That gap is a kind of relaxation. But again you start accumulating, because the same psychology is working -- the same jealousy, the same violence.
And man is basically a hunter; he is not by nature vegetarian. First he became a hunter, and for thousands of years he was just a meat-eater, and cannibalism was prevalent everywhere. To eat human beings caught from the opposing tribe you were fighting with was perfectly ethical. All that is carried in the unconscious of humanity.
Things are interconnected. The first thing that has to be changed is that man should be made more rejoicing -- which all the religions have killed. The real criminals are not caught. The terrorists and other criminals are the victims.
It is all the religions who have destroyed all possibilities of rejoicing. They have destroyed the possibility of enjoying small things of life; they have condemned everything that nature provides you to make you happy.
A man who is living in comfort and luxury cannot become a terrorist. Religions have condemned riches, praised poverty; now, a man who is rich cannot be a terrorist. Only the poor can be terrorists -- because they have nothing to lose, and they are boiling up against the whole of society because others have things they don't have.
You live in fear, not in joy. If we can clean the basement of the human mind's unconscious... it can be cleaned away.
The terrorism is not in the bombs, it is in your hands; the terrorism is in your unconscious.
Otherwise, this state of affairs is going to grow more bitter. And it seems all kinds of blind people have bombs in their hands and are throwing them at random.
So individual violence will increase -- it is increasing. And all your governments and all your religions will go on perpetuating the old strategies without understanding the new situation.
The new situation is that every human being needs to go through therapies, needs to understand his unconscious intentions, needs to go through meditations so that he can calm down, become cool -- and look towards the world with a new perspective of silence."

Excerpted from Beyond Psychology


Osholover2000 said...

Yes, it is absolutely needed. Nobody knows what to do in such difficult time of terrorism. i think Meditation is the only answer to this.

Kiran said...

Hi, Sadhana!

I would like to know what Osho said about waking up early in the morning and do OSHO Dynamic Meditation. I remember I read long time ago something he said about how powerful it is to use the morning energy for meditation, when the Universe is also waking up...
I'm asking this because in Romania people have "difficulty" to do Dynamic at 7 am, for instance (they preffer to do it at home at 8.30 am, instead of coming to a meditation studio and meditate with more people)...

Hugs from Romania,