Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gibberish : The Language of 2009

Amrit Sadhana

Language is no doubt one of the greatest means of communication. If it is used unconsciously, which is more often than not , it creates lots of problems and misunderstanding. Have you noticed, our 99% problems are created because of our words. Often we say things we don’t mean and later we have to clarify ourselves or apologize. It depends where the words are coming from. If they are coming from emotions they carry lot of charge which hurts others. If they come from the intellect they trigger an argument.
NLP Psychologists have found that 98% of human communication is non verbal and only 2% is verbal. In that case won’t it be good if we use a language that will express ourselves and not create fire wherever it reaches?
There is such a language called Gibberish. The word gibberish is Arabic; and it comes from an enlightened Sufi mystic, Jabbar. Jabbar spoke so fast that his words would run over each other. It was impossible to make any sense out of what he said because there were no full stops, commas, no indication of where the sentence began and where it ended. It was such an outburst of energy that the listeners found it mind blowing. This is exactly what he intended: to bring the mind to a stand still. It gave a taste of silence and relaxation to the listener.
Osho has revived Gibberish which is immensely cleansing and an excellent device for venting out tensions, or releasing bottled up emotions without hurting anybody. It is actually speaking in the language you don’t know. Osho uses gibberish as a meditative therapy and a door to meditation. Highly effective!
It is a wonderful potion for the modern mind which is trained to think logically, rationalize every act , or accumulate thoughts like a heap of garbage. Yes, garbage it sure is. The modern man is bombarded with much information from the electronic gadgets and media . This unprocessed information creates stress and he feels bogged down by it. This leads to many illnesses like migraine, headache, and other psychosomatic diseases.
Usually when two people are angry with each other they start hurling abuses and poisonous words at each other, or they suppress it and torture themselves. There is no need to go the conventional “fight or flight” way, express your thoughts in gibberish instead. Make meaningless sounds, tell the other person what you think about him/her without words. Use your body and face. Chirp like birds or small kids who cannot speak yet. It is so hilarious, and liberating. It cleanses the toxins in the body, relaxes strained nerves, activates positive energy.
It also holds good if you want to express your soft feelings for someone. It is embarrassing for many people to express their love or appreciation for somebody. You can use a gentle singing like gibberish sounds, let your body speak and transmit your energy to the other person.
I wish more and more people use gibberish as a means of communication in 2009. It will save so much trouble and fill our lives with joy.
For more informtaion on gibberish see The Osho book: Live Zen, # 17/


Sambodhi Prem said...

Hi Sadhana

Great post! I created a tweet about it.

Sambodhi Prem

JoyfulGent said...

I love gibberish! But for your consideration, the story of Jabbar seems to have been a fabrication of our beloved Osho. There is no verification in any other source that I have found (and I have hunted) . All references to the story just return to Osho.

Our Laughter Club uses gibberish regularly, and we are producing a videe on "How To Speak Gibberish" (which is rather absurd, itself: like "How to Think Your Way Into Having No Mind" Hahahaha!
It will be on You Tube within a month - search "Laguna Laughter Club gibberish".
Jeffrey Briar

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