Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is your illness authentic?

Amrit Sadhana

I wonder why there are so many medicines and doctors and hospitals. Isn't it a sign of a sick humanity? Can't we live a healthy life like birds and animals? Osho points out that we not only create our illness, we cling to it because we enjoy being sick. Startled? Of course, who would agree with it? But go deeper, and you will agree with the Osho insight--
"If medicine fails to cure you, know well your illness is not curable through medication -- the cause of the illness lies somewhere else; it has nothing to do with medication. You may curse the medicine and call the doctors stupid for not finding the right treatment for you; you may try ayurvedic medicine or naturopathic treatment; you may turn to allopathy or homeopathy -- nothing will work. No doctor can be of any use to you, simply because a doctor can only treat an authentic illness -- he has no control over something pseudo. And the interesting thing is that you keep busy creating illnesses like that, and you want them to remain. "

So what's the cure? Meditation. Meditate and clean your mind every day the way you clean your clothes, the pots and pans and the body. A clean mind will have a healthy body.

Excerpted from And Now And Here, vol1

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