Friday, January 30, 2009

Language is not the only communication

Evening Meeting


Every evening we meet at the magical Osho Auditorium for The Evening Meeting -- a wonderful meditation created by Osho. Everyone wears a white robe, is freshly showered, celebrating the day. Every evening Osho's video is played. What a feast! We get to hear gems of insights that brings clarity and light. Today I heard one such insight and I was thrilled. Felt like sharing it with all.

Osho said, “Unfortunately man has become too much language-oriented;
he has forgotten other ways of communication.
There are many other ways of communication.
The idea that language is the only way of communication has made humanity very poor, very prosaic.
It has lost the mystery of poetry, it has lost the meaningless, but utterly significant, music of existence. Now dance has become a discipline, outwardly practiced, rehearsed, but not something growing from within you and spreading out.”

The Language of Existence


skbohra said...

Ah! Exactly what I was feeling like! Communicating without a language, this is what we have been ignoring all the time. And amazingly when there is a communication without any language, it reaches directly to the heart! From the heart of speaker to the heart of listener!

Thank you very much for sharing this with us. I love to read your blog!

Rakesh said...

Wonderful Sadhana!

Although I wish you had not written anything, but...perhaps that's me!?