Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Genius In Search Of His Original Face


Osho talks about the deep human longing for finding one's original face. In view of the sudden demise of Michael Jackson the Osho wisdom gives a great insight into the inner life of geniuses. No amount of plastic surgery to alter the face can satisfy a person who is basically searching for his faceless being, his consciousness.

" Nobody is ever satisfied with their face; even the most beautiful people are not satisfied. Even Cleopatra was worried that her nose was a little longer than it should be. Marilyn Monroe committed suicide -- a beautiful woman, but not satisfied, not contented. There is something in it. All faces are false. Deep down, your being is faceless.

That's what Zen people call the original face. When a disciple comes to a Zen master, the master says, "Go and meditate upon your original face." And what is the original face? The face that you had before you were born and the face that you will have again when you are dead: find out that original face. It is not a face at all.

Have you ever thought about it? The shape of your face is given by the body. It can be changed by plastic surgery. And you will not be changed by the change of the face: your nose can be longer, shorter, your eyes can be different, eyebrows can be different -- much can be done now.

And you will remain the same.

Have you got any face? Sometimes with closed eyes go deep into it... and you will be surprised to see you don't have any face.
That's why one is never contented. One can never be contented with this face, howsoever beautiful. This face is not going to satisfy you unless you come to the original face, the facelessness of your being: purity with no shape, the formless, the attributeless."

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