Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Silent OSHO Explosion in India


Osho International Foundation has been working silently and diligently to make Osho available in India. I am very happy to share it with everybody.

* Every year, approximately twenty-thousand people come to the OSHO International Meditation Resort for meditation, out of which 54% are Indian nationals. There is a discounted price for entry for Indians corresponding to their economic situation.

* OSHO International Foundation has currently 712 Osho titles licensed to 28 leading publishers in India in 12 Indian languages: Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Sindhi, and Urdu. There may be no other author in history whose works have been so widely distributed in India.

* OSHO International Foundation has licensed a large number of audio and video titles with major publishers: Music Today, SONY Music, Shemaroo, in process with Moser Baer.

* Osho quotes are available via sms on mobile phones throughout the country, including test and audio options in English and Hindi.

* The total number of units sold in all formats throughout India is around one million - excluding the pirated copies!

* The press office of Osho International Meditation Resort sends Osho content in the form of articles on current topics to all the top newspapers of India in three languages - Hindi, English and Marathi. As a ripple effect, other papers in other languages such as Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and so on, publish Osho articles in their periodicals. As a result Osho content is read by some100 million people from India every month.

* On www.osho.com visitors can find thousands of pages of Osho content in both English and Hindi, including an online magazine, a full description of all the Osho meditations, a presentation of the Osho International Meditation Resort, an online shop where visitors can find all the books, ebooks, and audiobooks currently available, and an online Library of the Osho archives in text format in English and Hindi.

* In the audiobook section of osho.com, there are 2861 Osho Talks in the English audiobook catalog on osho.com and 1344 Osho Talks in the Hindi audiobook catalog. In addition there is a special price for downloading these talks within in India.

* In the online Library on osho.com, visitors can find the complete text archive of Osho Talks which can be read and searched online in both English and Hindi. The Hindi archive is free of charge. In addition, this Hindi archive has been made available in such a way that it can be read in six different Indian scripts.

* The Osho International Meditation Resort has helped open 11 exclusive Osho bookshops called OSHO Glimpse all over India. This chain is growing as people enjoy being able to see the full collection of Osho Titles available in one place, including the music for the Osho Meditations, and the DVDs of the Osho Talks.

*The meditation resort also sends trained facilitators to OSHO Meditation Events around the country. Hundreds of participants thought the country enjoy Osho meditations in this way.

For more information www.osho.com


Venk At Ease said...


Thanks for sharing this..It is very timely with all the opinionss regarding The Osho times print edition going around..

With Love
Sw. Kranti Devapatha

Venk At Ease said...


Trust you will reply me

Two Points:

1. Copyrights - Seeing the blog you have posted my question has dissolved.. Clarity has come

2.There has been this whole issue of Pune Resort becoming more Head oriented in the appraoch and all that stuff. I come there almost every year but have always seen the Pune Resort growing beautifully keeping ni mind Osho's vision..not allowing things to become a religion..

I am asking this because someone who comes there with so much Love for Osho in heart will tend to be heart oriented and he may have his ways of expression.. has any change happened which can curtail that heart oriented expression..

In so many small sensitive ways that can happen..

Example: If someoen is wearing a mala why should we stop it..as it is his /her personal love for master

Has pune lost a bit of balance and moved towards being Head oriented or Zennish..Or the management feels thats the way it needs to go..

Osho was all about exteremely sensitive and detail oriented..he had space for everyone and every way..

Personally i dont see anything significantly negative ..But i would like to to see your view on this point..Please take time to tell me ..It will not only clear my heart but will make so many genuine sannyasins feel good..

Trust i have expressed myself ..Thanks