Thursday, December 17, 2009

A new vision is needed to save the world

Billions of dollars and hundreds of politicians and scientists will not be able to save the planet-in-danger. Why? Because inspite of all good intentions they don't have a vision. First they have to look  into themselves, for they are the destroyers of this beautiful earth. It's no wonder, The Copenhagen Convention is leading to a failure. Politicians are good at creating problems, not good at solving them. Isn't it strange? Every  nation wants others to change their ways.
But change, like charity, begins at home.

  Osho  analyzes the present situation deeply and  suggests a radical solution to it.

" Man has collapsed because of his knowledge. First his inner world was destroyed by knowledge and knowledgeability, and now scientific knowledge is destroying nature.
The inner ecology has been destroyed by the priests and the outer ecology is being destroyed by the technologists.

We are living in the most significant times ever, because it is a time of great collapse. Either humanity disappears or a totally new way of life arrives. These moments are very critical; it is the greatest crisis man has ever encountered. Religion has destroyed half of the world, the inner world, and science is destroying the other half.

We need a totally different kind of religion and a totally different kind of science -- a science which helps ecology; and we need a totally different kind of religion -- a religion which gives you freedom, not slavery, which helps you to be yourself, which is not an imposition.

Science is a rape on nature and religion has been a rape on your inner consciousness. Both have failed, both have been destructive.

A new vision is needed. It was never needed as much as it is needed now, because the time is very limited. We are sitting on a pile of atomic weapons. The capacity to destroy this earth is so vast that you cannot even imagine for what we have gathered such a capacity to destroy. It is one-thousand-fold: every single man, can be killed one thousand times, one thousand earths can be destroyed.

We have piled up that much capacity to destroy, and we go on piling more up every day. It may be a communist country or a capitalist country, it makes no difference; but each country is trying to put all its energy into war, into destruction."

The Secret # 3/

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