Sunday, December 27, 2009

Religious For Wrong Reasons

People give donations to religious institutions , but what matters is the motive behind the donation.  There could be may  hidden reasons behind the seemingly generous act. Life is not as simple as it appears , you know!

Osho takes a dig at such donors: " People become religious for wrong reasons, and you cannot be religious for wrong reasons. And the person who lives rightly need not be religious: he is religious already.

' Perlman made millions in the bakery business. While on a visit to Rome he went to see the pope and made a huge donation to the church.
The pope was very pleased and said, "Mr. Perlman, is there anything I can do to show my appreciation?"
"Yes, Your Holiness," answered the baking magnate. "Could you make a little change in the Lord's Prayer?"
"Ah, Mr. Perlman," frowned the pope, "I am afraid that would not be possible. The Lord's Prayer is repeated daily by millions of Christians."
"I know," said Perlman, "but I only want a small change. Where it says, 'Give us this day our daily bread,' just make it, 'Give us this day Perlman's pumpernickel bread.'"

"Now, that great donation to the church has nothing to do with religion, it has nothing to do with charity; it is business, pure business.
And that's what people are doing. They donate to the poor, they serve the poor, to go to heaven. It is an investment, it is not service. Unless you are conscious, whatsoever you do is going to be wrong. "

The Dhammapada:The Way of the Buddha/ courtesy Osho International Foundation/

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