Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Language of love

The Valentine's day has become All Lovers' Day around the world. There is lot of buzz and fizz everywhere. Flowers and gifts, beautiful wishes and hopes... but where is love in all this? All this is a warm up. The real thing is missing.
Osho  presents many nuances of love and  gives tips on loving. His basic contention is, you cannot love unless you meditate.
Let's sink into the depths of love with Osho-- deeper and deeper....from the gross to the subtle....

Say it with a flower
"The more you meditate, the more you will love, and the more you will relate. And finally one comes to a moment when only silence helps. So next time when you are with somebody and you are not communicating with words, and you are feeling very uneasy, feel happy. Become silent and allow that silence to communicate.
Language is needed to relate to people with whom you have no love relationship. No language is needed for people with whom you have a love relationship. One has to become innocent again, like a child, and silent. Gestures will be there  ....

Say it with touch
 sometimes you will smile and hold hands, or sometimes you will just remain silent, looking into each other’s eyes, not doing anything, just being. The presences meet and merge, and something happens which only you will know. Only you to whom it has happened – no one else will become aware, it happens in such depth."
From the book Hammer on the rock

Meet and merge

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