Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Throw your moods out

Exhale deeply

 It's  Monday. You are getting ready to go to work reluctantly. You feel heavy and down. Is it possible to change the inner climate? By all means!
Use the natural resource of breathing. Because breathing and thinking are deeply connected, as if they are two aspects of one phenomenon. If you are little mindful you will find that whenever the mind changes, the breathing changes. For example, you are angry: immediately the breathing changes, the rhythm is gone. When you are silent and relaxed, the breathing has a different rhythm.
Osho has suggested some methods that can help you transform your moods.
Whenever you feel that the mind is not tranquil, first exhale deeply. Always start by exhaling.Exhale deeply; as much as you can, throw the air out. Throwing out the air, the mood will be thrown out too, because breathing  carries the mood. And then expel the breath as far as possible. Pull the belly in and retain for a few seconds. Let the air be out, and don’t inhale for a few seconds.
Climate changed
Then allow the body to inhale.  Again stop for a few seconds. The gap should be the same as when you retain the breath out – if you retain it out for three seconds, retain the breath in for three seconds. Throw it out and hold for three seconds; take it in and hold for three seconds. But it has to be thrown out completely. Exhale totally and inhale totally, and make a rhythm.
The next time anger erupts, don't allow the breathing to change; retain the rhythm of breathing as if you are happy. Anger is not possible then because the breathing forces the inner glands in the body which release chemicals in the blood. 
 Immediately you will feel a change coming into your whole being. The mood will go; a new climate will enter you.

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