Tuesday, March 5, 2013

If the world is run by women...

March 8 is called the International Women's Day. And what does it mean? Seminars, talks and articles written on women's liberation?  Uplifting women? Who will uplift them-- men? They themselves need to be uplifted from repressed sexuality.
No, all this has been going on year after year, and yet the woman is where she was before.
No liberation but revolution is needed, says Osho.

photo:Osho International Foundation

"A tremendous revolution is needed, it has been needed for centuries. And the sooner the whole world understands it the better.
If the world is run by women and the governments and all other functional things are run by women, we will have a tremendous balance. And man can take his place more significantly in scientific research, in the service of life and creativity.
Women have been repressed, so it will need a little time. And once the repression changes into expression, it will be just like land which has been lying fallow for thousands of years gathering all kinds of fertilizers, rain water, and nobody cultivating it. When you cultivate it, it is going to give you a bumper crop.
"The same is the situation of the human mind. The feminine mind has not been used, has not been allowed to function. If it is allowed, it may take a quantum leap. And it will be a blessing for all.
"We can make a better world together. Men and women should be really half-and-half of a whole. There are qualities which men have and women do not have; there are qualities which women have and men do not have. Both together, the human being will be richer in every possible way."
The Last Testament, Vol 1 #19


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