Sunday, December 29, 2013

Please don't make new year's resolutions

 The flowers and the butterflies don't make a new resolution, they just live the new. They are always new.
It is only the humans who make a folly of making resolutions.
Traditionally, people start thinking of making new year's resolutions at the end of the year: the things they want to change in their lives, the habits they want to drop or cultivate become part of their new resolutions.
Wait a moment! Stop and listen to the Osho advice before you jump into repeating the old pattern.

Osho says, there can only be one resolution for the new year : " I resolve never to make any resolutions for the future."
Wow! Never thought about it that this can also be a resolution.

But why does Osho say so? He has solid reasons for it.

*  All resolutions are restrictions for the future. All resolutions are imprisonments.
*You decide today for tomorrow? You have destroyed tomorrow. Allow the tomorrow to have its own being.
*Let it come in its own way! Let it bring its own gifts.
*Resolution means you will allow only this and you will not allow that.
*Resolution means you would like the sun to rise in the west and not in the east. If it rises in the east, you will not open your windows; you will keep your windows open to the west.
* What is resolution? Resolution is struggle. Resolution is ego.
*Resolution is saying, "I cannot live spontaneously." And if you cannot live spontaneously, you don't live at all -- you only pretend.
* So let only one resolution be there: I will never make any resolutions. Drop all resolutions!
*Let life be a natural spontaneity. The only golden rule is that there are no golden rules.

Walk without feet, fly without wings and think without mind

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