Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Maxims to meditate upon

  Osho International Foundation

Osho encouraged people to ask questions of all kinds. His answers were very unpredictable. Sometimes he would twist the question and sometimes he would tear the questioner off. He has given lots of sutras or maxims to meditate upon in a funny way. Here is a colorful bouquet of one-liners Osho has given to meditate upon to an old actress and a theater person.

* A woman who looks like a dream usually gives a man insomnia.
* Two is company, three is the result.
* The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.
* Sometimes the best way to liven up the party is to leave.
* It is better to be in the missionary position than never to have any religion at all.
* The only time most people look like their passport photographs is during a hijack.
* In these days of jet travel, the only journeys that take a long time are the ones from your house to the             airport.
* A husband who gets his breakfast in bed is in hospital.
* Married life is like sitting in a bathtub -- after a while, it is not so hot.
* Marriage is like a violin. After the beautiful music is over, the strings are still attached.
* Nobody is ever satisfied. Poor men wish they were rich, rich men wish they were handsome, bachelors          wish they were married, and married men wish they were dead.
* The fastest way to discover your bad habits is to move in with your lover.
*  Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing.


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