Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When sadness surrounds...

Photo:Osho International Foundation

When the hype and excitement of the new year is over the real state of mind emerges. All the depressing emotions are hidden behind the momentary joy, waiting to surface. They have a life of their own and want the opportunity, too.The superficial celebration had only suppressed it little deeper but when the fire is blown away you can feel the amber smoldering inside.
One thing is sure, pushing the negative emotions down is no cure for them. On the contrary the more you are in a denial mode the more tension keeps mounting, and one day, all of a sudden it explodes.
Once a woman came to see Osho and expressed that sometimes she has these bouts of sadness. They come as a wave, for no apparent reason,but when they overcome her consciousness it is very strong and she cannot fight or pretend to be happy.
Osho's advice to her will prove to be a great insight for all of us to look into our various shades of emotions and how to deal with them. The first and foremost is: never to escape. Escaping from a situation is only strengthening it in an indirect way.
" Whenever you feel sad, sit silently and allow sadness to come; don't try to escape from it. Make yourself as sad as you can. Don't avoid it , that's the one thing to remember. Cry, weep... have the whole taste of it. Fall down on the earth, roll. This is to be remembered -- when you are feeling sad, don't lose the opportunity. Close the doors, sit down, and feel as sad as you can, as if the whole world is just a hell. Go deep into it... sink into it. Allow every sad thought to penetrate you, every sad emotion to stir you. And cry and weep and say things -- say them loudly, there is nothing to worry about."(Be realistic, plan for a miracle)
This becomes a meditation because such intense  sadness  is the moment to enter yourself. The ordinary tendency is not to allow it, we  find some ways and means so that we can look somewhere else --we go to the restaurant, or to the swimming pool, meet friends, read a book or go to a movie, play some happy music so that we can be engaged and can put  our attention somewhere else.
When it goes you will be unburdened, absolutely unburdened, as if the whole gravitation has disappeared and you can fly, weightless.And let it go by itself. Don't force it to go; it will go, because nobody can remain in a permanent mood.


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