Friday, March 7, 2014

A woman's day, every day

International day for women is round the corner. Here are some chocolates and ribbons from Osho to both women and men . Enjoy!

 For the new woman:

  *The new woman does not have to compete or compare herself with man, she just have to be herself. It may look like an uphill task, but a change of gestalt will help her reclaim her lost power.

* Femininity is indeed very powerful. It is the power of creation, the power of a flower, the power of the water element; of the patience and resilience so essential for sustenance. 

   * I will continue to give woman every possible opportunity which she has been denied in the past. And there will be more women who will come to the surface. And they will prove my point that you are absolutely equal to men, there is no question of inferiority.

For the new men:

* Never argue with a woman.You may be right but she can never be wrong!

* A woman has to be loved, not to be understood.

 * The male mind, the Berliner; the female mind, the Viennese. The female mind has a grace, the male mind has efficiency. and of course, in the long run, if there is a constant fight, the grace is bound to be defeated -- the efficient mind will win. because the world understands the language of mathematics not of love. But the moment your efficiency wins over your grace, you have lost something tremendously valuable: you have lost contact with your own being. You may become very efficient, but you will be no more a real person. You will become a machine, a robot-like thing.


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