Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friendliness : The Real Juice of Life

Enjoying Friendliness
OSHO International Meditation Resort, Pune

I have a friend who is very sociable, gets into relationships easily and gets out of them quickly, but  not without scars and wounds. We all see such people around and within us.
Is there a way out? No, there is a way in, says Osho.
 Beware, the moment  friendliness is  frozen into a " friend-ship" it sinks like The Titanic.

Osho says: " Friendship exists between two persons; it is relationship. Friendliness is only a quality; it need not depend on any relationship. It is just the way you live your lire -- it is a friendly life. You are friendly to everything, to the whole existence. You are just a friend, not addressed to anybody in particular, but addressed to the whole, to all.

" In friendship you make an exclusive relationship and you may remain inimical to many people. So enmity and friendship can exist together -- in fact you will have very few friends and many more enemies. But friendliness cannot have any enmity in it, it is inclusive, inclusive of all. And to know friendliness is to know the real juice of life. Life reveals its mysteries only to those who have come to the state of friendliness."

Excerpted From Going All The Way

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