Sunday, January 3, 2010

Have some silent spaces in your day

Speed and efficiency have created more worry, made people more tense. Technology saves time, but we don't know what to do with the saved time. Even if the time is saved, you will worry and become anxious and ask for some entertainment in that time.
The modern man needs to learn to be unoccupied for some time in twenty four hours. Just by slowing down ordinary processes, you will see how peaceful you can become.

Osho suggests some simple exercises : eat slowly -- take time. If you eat in ten minutes, take twenty minutes. Enjoy the food. Chew it more; it will be digested better. Your body will feel more at ease and at home. And when the body is at home, the mind too feels at home.

Another Osho tip : Sometimes when you don't have anything to do, just sit silently doing nothing. There is no need to read the newspaper or to watch the TV. Don't be in such a mad rush to occupy yourself. That is a way to escape from oneself. So sometimes when you have nothing to do, feel happy that you have some leisure of doing nothing. Then just sit silently, look at the stars or at the trees, listen to the birds or just close your eyes and look inward.

Slow down your speed in everything you do: walk slowly, talk slowly, breathe slowly, and by and by, you will come to know the beauty of inactivity, the beauty of passivity.

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