Sunday, January 27, 2008

Greed Is Inner Emptiness

Amrit Sadhana

Socgen, France's second-largest listed bank, said on Thursday a junior employee on its derivatives trading desk had confessed to carrying out a sophisticated fraud, triggering $7.16 billion in losses. It did not know where the trader was.
Astonishment over the scandal dominated the Davos gathering in the mountains of Switzerland. Osho says that the most common instinct greed is a symptom of inner emptiness. Why the mind stoops down to such a level that it amasses wealth by foul means?
The Osho insight is, ”Greed is the nature of mind. Mind is greedy because it wants to accumulate more and more. It may be money, it may be power, it may be knowledge, it may be good deeds, virtue, but whatsoever it is, mind is greed. It wants to accumulate more and more, it is afraid of being empty.
Inner emptiness seems to be like falling into the abyss, bottomless abyss. So people go filling themselves with anything; that is greed. Greed has nothing to do with money as such, anything that you go on filling yourself with is greed. "
The White Lotus #7

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