Saturday, January 5, 2008

Who Killed Benazir Bhutto?

No, I am not in the Scotland Yard and neither do I belong to any secret intelligence agency. This question emerged out of the deep pain I felt about her merciless murder. Maybe it is a simple feminine empathy with the gorgeous, fearless fighter of a woman. Nothing to do with politics. I spent sleepless night for someone I had never met. The sheer brutality of this incident shook me deeply.
Her answer to journalists published in Pakistan speaks volumes about her indomitable spirit. "I am not scared. I am thinking of my mission," she had told reporters on the plane from Dubai. This is a movement for democracy because we are under threat from extremists and militants."
When I raise the question " Who Killed Benazir," I mean we are all responsible for it. The whole phenomenon of terrorism is increasing because our unconscious wikipedia is full of violence. We cannot deny our contribution to it.
The phenomenon is much deeper than it appears. Osho has delved deeply into the human psyche and has come up with some extraordinary but simple solutions. He says, '' Terrorism is related to what is happening in society. The society is falling apart. Its old order, discipline, morality, religion, everything has been found to be wrongly based. It has lost its power over people's conscience."
"'Man is basically a hunter, he enjoys killing. Therefore he needs war every few decades for a release of collective violence. Now a world war is not possible because of the nuclear weapons, as it will be a total annihilation of the planet. So the individual release of violence is a must. ''
The picture looks gloomy but the solution is bright. He says, teach people to rejoice in small things of life. Every human is carrying so much violence, hatred, anger within, they have to be taught to clean their unconscious mind with therapy Osho Meditative Therapy and meditation. Let them find an inner harmony and silence.We have to understand that terrorism is not in weapons, it is in the unconscious basement of the human mind.

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