Thursday, January 24, 2008

Woman can help the evolution of man

Something remarkable has happened in Saudi Arabia--women traveling alone are now allowed to stay in hotels. This is being seen as a major step towards women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. Reports eTN
I was very happy to ready about this landmark decision by the Saudi government. Because I strogly feel about women's freedom and their right to evolve as individuals.
And I love Osho because he created space where women can blossom to their utmost potential.
Just see what Osho says: "I will continue to give woman every possible opportunity which she has been denied in the past. And there will be more women who will come to the surface. And they will prove my point that you are absolutely equal to men, there is no question of inferiority. Perhaps something may be superior in you, because you are the mother of man. The man has your blood, your bones, your marrow; all that the man has is a contribution from the woman. It was out of fear that woman might prove superior that man started putting her down.
It is now up to you not to be bothered about the past -- that which is gone is gone -- but to be ready for the future, and prove to man and to the whole of humanity that man need not be afraid of you; he can trust you. And you can be of immense help in the evolution of man."
Excerpted from The Razors' Edge

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