Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The mind cannot make a committment


Wonder why the love affairs or freindships -- political or any kind, do not last long in today's world? Osho says, it is so because the modern man is too much in the mind, too rational, too intellectual. This type of mind cannot go deeper into anything.
Osho explains this in his book Come Follow To You:
"The mind, at the most, exploits. It can never become a deep commitment. Deep commitment is of being. It knows no time, it knows no death. I am not saying that it is permanent, because permanence is part of time. It is eternal. It has the fragrance of divineness.
Let me tell you one anecdote:
A politician named Strange lay dying. A friend asked him what he would like inscribed on his tombstone.
'Just put,' said the politician: Here lies an honest politician.'But,' said the friend,'that doesn't tell who it is.
''Oh yes, replied the politician,'the passer-by will say,'That is strange -- a politician, and honest?' -- no need to say the name. Passers-by will by themselves say,'That is strange.'

courtesy Osho International Foundation

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