Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The thin layer of social formality


What we call etiquette and manners are nothing but a mask. It is not a true representation of our real nature. It may be socially convenient but it is not honest and fulfilling. This is why people don't feel loved or respected. So many people around and not a drop to drink!
What is the reason?

Osho says: "All your social formality, modesty, politeness, is just a layer, a very thin layer -- like when you pour oil on water and a thin film of the oil covers it. It is not even skin deep. Don't be deceived by it. The only way to get beyond is to go within. You can become rude -- that is happening. Just to become sincere, some people are becoming rude. That is not the way. Just to be honest, people are becoming violent. Just to be true, they are becoming angry and insane.
That is not the way.
If you want to be true, move to the centre -- because if you remain on periphery you will remain untrue. Let your centre dominate the periphery. You move to the centre.
And be in a hurry. I don't mean be impatient. I mean don't be lazy. Because the problem is that if you have lived too long in the society and you have followed its rules and regulations for too long, one becomes accustomed to it. One forgets that it is a bondage, one forgets that these are chains. The chains start appearing like ornaments. You in fact start protecting them."

Excerpted from Dang Dang Doko Dang/courtesy Osho International Foundation

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