Saturday, April 11, 2009

Those who can't love write poetry


Love is the most depicted, written about subject in human culture. Does that mean people are very loving? Far from it! Osho says, all this talk of love indicates that we cannot love.
Osho's view on love:
"It almost always happens that when you are missing something you start thinking about it, you start creating a philosophy about it. Love is that which you are missing. This is my observation, that people who have not loved write books about love; that is a kind of substitute. People who have not been able to love, write poetry, they write very great love poetry, but they don't have any experience of love so all their poetry is just speculation. They may have great flights of imagination but it has nothing to do with the reality of love. Love's reality is totally different; it has to be experienced."
Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast

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