Monday, April 6, 2009

The Osho vision of nuclear weapons


Since President Obama is talking about his utopian vision for ridding the world of nuclear weapons and his address in Prague: "America's committment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons," I am reminded of Osho's strong statements and fervent appeal to the super powers to drown the huge pile of arsenals in the ocean if they want this planet to survive.

Osho also gives a blueprint to America's inner development.

" If we want to change the violent structure of America, there are three things to be done. One, the country should be ruled by its native people. It belongs to them. Anybody who wants to remain here should remain here, but he cannot remain here as a ruler. Secondly, America should stop bothering about other countries' poor people. It should help its own poor people.
Thirdly, America should stop piling up nuclear weapons. They are pointless, and so costly, so meaningless. You already have enough to destroy the whole world, what more do you want?America should declare, "We drop the whole idea of war. We destroy all our nuclear weapons. We drown all those weapons in the Pacific, in the Atlantic. We're finished with it."
America should declare, "We will not have any defense department any more -- it is just pointless."If America can do that, its people can be immensely rich, happy. And people who are happy do not do violence. It is out of misery, suffering, anger, that violence comes. When you are comfortable, happy, at home, and all that you need is available to you, you don't want to be violent -- because your being violent will destroy your cozy home, your beautiful surroundings, your love life. Your children, your wife, your parents will be lost. It is the people who have nothing to lose who become violent."
The Last Testament, Vol 1

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