Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who has your remote control?


Have you realized, your remote is in someone else's hands. Someone pushes your button and you react, Osho points out. Your actions are continuesly controlled by others.

Can't agree?

OK, see how Osho explains it:
"Watch how many things you do unconsciously. Somebody says something and there is anger. There is not even a single moment's gap. It is as if you are just a mechanism -- somebody pushes a button and you lose your temper. Just as if you push the button and the fan starts moving and the light goes on. There is not a. single moment. The fan never thinks whether to move or not to move; it simple moves.
This is unconsciousness, this is mindlessness. Somebody insults and you are simply controlled by his insult."
So what's the way out? Meditate, and meditate.
courtesy Osho International Foundation

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