Monday, April 27, 2009

When walking, just walk!

When you walk on the road do you simply walk or you think and imagine and plan thousand and one things? More often than not, this is the case. Isn't it?

Osho gives a wonderfully simple technique -- walk with full consciousness, it will become a meditation. "Every person moves in a different way, walks in a different way. If a Buddha walks he is tremendously grounded. He is in deep contact with the earth. He is nourished by the earth, the earth is nourished by him. There is a continuous transfer of energy. Forget that you are a man, think of yourself as a tree, and soon you will see something transpiring between you and the earth.
Try it walking on the road: remember that you are a consciousness. Walking continues -- and a new thing is added, a new richness is added, a new beauty. Something interior is added to the outward act. You become a flame of consciousness, and then the walking has a totally different joy to it."

Courtesy Osho International Foundation


Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

i am deeply impressed by OSHO , in the 80s i went to Pune and met him and blessed by him , later i read his all books , i have been a deep follower of OSHO and in my blog I have posted his photos and video . In fact in my personal library , he is the only auther ,which has mant titles .. He is the greatest philospher of our times.

I love OSHO .


subramanian said...

i am also deeply impressed by osho. Now i am reading his books only by tamil. And i am hearing his english speech. that only recreate myself.

I love OSHO